Music Practice Rooms

Music Practice RoomsWe supply and install sound-isolating Music Practice Rooms. Sometimes referred to as Soundproof Rooms, our acoustic booths make ideal music practice pods for schools and universities; they also make excellent recording studios.

The modular, relocatable design means the rooms can be virtually any shape or size to accommodate a solo singer, a band or a full orchestra in rehearsal.

Benefits of our Sound Booths

  • Affordable and flexible solution – without compromising on acoustics
  • Sound booths are modular and can be relocated if required 
  • Fast set up – panels simply clip together
  • Typical room to corridor performance RW38dB 
  • Balanced interior acoustics ensure high sound quality.  The room's sound insulation performance and default 'dry' internal response provide an environment that offers the best 'control' conditions for any sound booth.  The room is also acoustically ‘tuneable’ - by using demountable reflective panels, a more acoustically ‘reflective’ response can swiftly and easily be obtained if preferred.
  • 100mm-thick wall panels are abutted together then fastened and sealed with full-length clip fixings to both sides.  Ceiling panels are secured using an interlocking tongue and groove system. 
  • Door leaf has a 3/4 height window for visibility and safety requirements.  Tough steel construction and door seals ensure the room's sound isolating properties are maintained. 
  • In-built lighting and ventilation create a pleasant sound booth environment
  • Internal lock override for personal security

Structured Payment Options can offer a fixed-term structured payment system which enables educational and commercial customers to spread payments from 1 – 5 years and make significant savings.  Find out more

See our Soundproof Room Products page for more about our Music Practice Rooms.

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